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Stay Fit, Reduce Stress, & Belong to a Healthy Online Community, While Supporting Local Small Businesses!
(All From the Comfort of Your Own Home)

It’s a challenging time for local small businesses like ours, but we’re here to prove that our community is stronger together.

Why Are We Doing This?

Our names are Chris Arnold and Jodi Marcucio. We are the owners of PhysicallyFit.

At PhysicallyFit, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our communities. During this stressful time, we are looking to deliver you some peace and happiness through fitness as an investment in the future of yourself, our community, & our business.

Contact our team at PhysicallyFit and schedule a remote consultation. We’ll talk about your goals, your fitness history, your unique needs, and how we can make your goals happen. Our Online Training makes fitness accessible to your and your family!

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Never Done Virtual Training?! Here Are Some Reviews:

I am so grateful for the continued support and training you have provided to keep us motivated and moving while at-home. The workouts are flexible, so I can adapt to whatever equipment I have, and they are challenging! They’ve been a lifesaver and have allowed me to focus on my physical and mental health in unusual (and somewhat stressful) circumstances. Thank you!
– Julie Stenz

PhysicallyFit/CrossFit Trumbull has been keeping me motivated through the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris and Jodi’s workouts are easy to follow right from my home and with the different modifications they provide, there is something for everyone. I’m so happy that during all of this l’ve been able to count on their virtual workouts to work up a good sweat and keep my health and fitness goals first!
– Anthony Lauretti

THANK GOD for PF bootcamp! I just finished a class and I am so grateful that PhysicallyFit is offering classes via zoom. Keeping fit is not only important to me physically but I mentally NEED to work out for my sanity!!! I can’t say that I am not having any bad days during this pandemic but the days I work out, I am mentally stronger. As I keep saying, I am not going to succumb to the “Quarantine 13”. If you haven’t tried a zoom class, what are you waiting for? It is simple to get on by just clicking the link in the email (if I can do it, so can you!). Do not let the workout that comes in the email intimidate you. Everything can be modified to accommodate what you have at home. Even if you don’t have any workout equipment at home, you can easily modify to get in a great workout! Burpees do not require anything except you! Zoom is a great way to see your workout buds who are always great motivation!! Stay well friends, I’m hoping to see you all back at PF soon. Until then, join me on Zoom:)
– Tammy Rich

Now more than ever, it’s become crystal clear that Chris, Jodi and the PhysicallyFit community mean so darn much to me. During this time, when I’m seeking any bit of normalcy and routine, getting to see (and workout with!) Jodi and Chris every day has been so meaningful and advantageous to me. I appreciate all their support and encourage now and always!
– Katie Flament

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed not being able to attend live BC classes with my fellow 6 a.m.ers. Zoom has turned out to be the next best thing. Jodi and Chris are extremely motivating and the exercises can be done with little to no equipment. Having the ability to do the workout live or when time permits later in the day adds much needed flexibility.
– Lawrence Racioppo

Huge Shoutout to Jodi & Chris for continuing to motivate and inspire. From allowing us to borrow gym equipment, to their challenging WODs via Zoom, I feel as I have been able to resume some sense of normalcy & routine through these not so normal times. It’s a pleasure working out with you guys.
Thank you!
– Anndee Lauretti

We Have Served The Community Since 2007. (And Now Our Community Needs Us More Than Ever)

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