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Personal Training Stratford

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! This is a superior facility. Their bootcamp classes are for all levels. They challenge you each and every class. Whether you're brand new or a veteran, it's designed to reach your full potential.

Everyone is friendly - it's a family atmosphere where encouragement is common and we all pull each other up. Under the direction of the owners/trainers, you're in the best care possible. They are skilled and have a huge knowledge of nutrition, health, and know exactly how to modify exercises when necessary. And they truly CARE about each and every member. I wouldn't trust anyone else to oversee my activity.

Highly Highly recommend you try this facility!!!

Diana D.

Personal Training Stratford

The Facility is amazing! Has all your needs no matter your fitness goals.. and super bonus OCR training and equipment. Chris is friendly, accomadating and knowledgeable.. I’m in on a drop in basis because I have to travel, he responds to emails right away. If I lived closer it would for sure be my home away from home!

Kelly L.

Personal Training Stratford

I love the energy, instructors, and facility layout. Chris and Jodi are knowledgeable and professional and strike the perfect mix of safely challenging each member to achieve more than they could have on their own. It is great to see such a diversity of people working hard at their goals and supporting one another during training sessions. I cannot express how elated I was when I saw you offered OCR classes - and now I am looking forward to personal training - PhysicallyFit, LLC truly, makes fitness fun.

Cheryl D.

Personal Training Stratford

Lets all be honest, doing the same thing over and over at the gym can be really boring. The obstacle course training at Physically Fit was such a breath of fresh air! It was so much fun that you don't even feel like your working out, you feel like a kid playing on the jungle gym. Both staff and other members were so incredible and willing to help if I didn't know how to do something. Will definitely be going back!

Kristina E.

Personal Training Stratford

I'm a newer member of about three months, but my wife has been going to to PhysicallyFit for over two years. Joining her was the best decision I've made. The workouts are great. The instructors are really supportive and encouraging - as are all of the other members. I wasn't sure I was someone who would like a boot camp environment, but I'm hooked.

John G.

Personal Training Stratford

I started going to Bootcamp using a Groupon I had. I quickly realized that Bootcamp is addictive and have continued going. This is a great class for people who like variety, as the classes consist of different workouts every day. It's also really fun, and you get to try new things every time you go! Running with sandbags, throwing tires, burpees, kettle bell swings, these classes have it all! Love this place. Definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good workout!

Suzanthea M.

Personal Training Stratford

I LOVE Physically Fit!! I believe I've been going there for about 4 years now and what I love about it the most is that no 2 workouts are EVER the same! It's a good mix for the body and you don't get tired of the same routine. I'm 41 years old and my body is in the best shape that it has ever been in with 2 kids. And the instructors ROCK!!!

Nicole G.

Personal Training Stratford

Dropped in today for an OCR class. Was not sure what to expect but it far exceeded my expectations! Great facility and Chris was extremely warm, welcoming and knowledgable. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to train for OCRs - nothing else like it in or near FFLD county!! Great first session and absolutely won't be my last.

Jessica E.

Personal Training Stratford

This place will change the way you think about fitness. Workouts are fun and challenging. Fellow bootcampers are encouraging and supportive. The trainers get to know you, care about you, and want to help you achieve your fitness goals! I highly recommend you give it a try!

Jen M.

Personal Training Stratford

What a wonderful facility. I dropped in for the OCR class. Chris welcomed me and showed me around. The class was very challenging. If you are looking for something different you should stop by. Great job Physically Fit Performance.

John H.

Personal Training Stratford

Love working out here, the trainers and others working out here are awesome!!!!

Carmen A.

Personal Training Stratford

Best workout trainers. You will never be bored. I have been going religiously for over seven it there!

Betsy H.

Personal Training Stratford

Been going to PF for a little over a year now and I can't imagine a better place. It's not always about the equipment, location, or cost, it's about the people and the environment created. It's a great judgement free zone where everyone is extremely friendly. Everyones goal is to push themselves to test new limits and push themselves to achieve the goals they have. And if you're looking to get trained or ready for OCR season, Chris is one of the most seasoned racers and serves up a wealth of good tips and advice for you.

Shawn M.

Personal Training Stratford

It's motivating fun, and leaves you exhausted and pumped for the next class!!

Bob M.

Personal Training Stratford

I came to PhysicallyFit desperate to lose weight, and I knew from the first class that this was bound to happen with regular attendance. What I didn't anticipate was the total reshaping of my 'over 50 body', and continued inspiration to try harder, do more and meet the challenges Jodi, Chris and Danellen bring to each class. I'm amazed at the changes they've inspired and brought about for me. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. You'll get what we're all so fired up about!

Liz B.

Personal Training Stratford

The best workout you can get. Especially for a working mom with very little time.

Linda E.

Personal Training Stratford

This place is amazing, nothing around here like it and that will become even more true when they move into their new space. Chris, Jodi, Danelen, and Ryan are awesome trainers and all the people that go here rock! I've been going for 3 years and my progress is off the charts when I think of where I was when I started. I went from suffering through a 5k to completing Worlds Toughest Mudder with 35 miles in November with their help!

Michael S.

Personal Training Stratford

PhysicallyFit is no ordinary box gym. Trainers Chris, Jodi, Danelen and Ryan are experienced, talented, supportive and engaging, constantly creating workouts that challenge your limits. The classes are well organized, and the performance and attitude of the members create a real community atmosphere. If you are ready to get stronger, faster, and push your fitness to the next level, look no further than PhysicallyFit.

James R.

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