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Bootcamper of the Month

Bootcamper of the Month – Tami Castro

1. How long have you been coming to PhysicallyFit?

I’ve been coming to Physically Fit since April of 2018.

2.  What were your goals when you started?

When I started bootcamp I was hoping to get myself back into a regular exercise routine after my back surgery.

3.  What results have you seen in yourself?  What have others seen?

I have improved my stamina and overall strength, as well as my endurance.  

4.  What is your biggest motivator?

My biggest motivator is staying in shape and pushing myself through the workouts because I know how great it feels when I’m done. 

5.  What accomplishments have you achieved inside and outside of bootcamp? (i.e., Bootcamp workout schedule, exercises you couldn’t do before, outside exercise habits or activities, nutrition habits, races, etc.)

Bootcamp has helped me maintain a fun, challenging and motivating exercise routine.  It provides me with a sense of accountability knowing I’ve signed up to attend.  When I would work out at home it was always so easy to get distracted or make excuses for not working out that day.  

6.  What are your goals going forward?

I would love to train for a Tough Mudder style race, and I know my Bootcamp background will help prepare me for the challenging race obstacles.

7.  What does being nominated for Bootcamper of the Month mean to you? 

I was excited to see that I was nominated as the Bootcamper of the Month because I look forward to going and always try to give 100%  in every workout.


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